Sunday, January 20, 2013

Where are we? Still living aboard, but at a NICE hotel/marina

We moved our boat from a pricey city Marina (Cooley's Landing Marina) with a heart-warming story of an Indian massacre that precipitated the Second Seminole War. We're now on the Isle of Venice, in a slip at the Villa Venezia Hotel (like a tiny resort) -- Beautifullly maintained, nice guests, showers! Laundry! Private bathroom off the boat, and a pretty pool! Have made a friend or too as well... Our frend "B" from Cooley's Landing Marina lives just down the street.

Here are some photos: 

You enter by a courtyard and are greeting by a pretty gushing fountain, then pass by the Italianate scuplture on the way to your boat slip -- up to 10-12 available. The hotel has about 10 cozy, beautiful rooms with balconies

Many of the hotel's European visitors take advantage of the balconies for meals in the fresh air. We receive packages and faxes courtesy of the great staff: Andrea and Linn. If in Fort Lauderdale, you may want to consider it as a destination. (No consideration was received for this mention.)

Leeson asks, What's that weird smell?

Stopped for lunch at the Briny Irish Pub on the Riverfront in Fort Lauderdale, and Leeson detected a weird odor. "Dad, what's that?" he wondered. I said, "Don't look up." The restaurant is "decorated" with the biggest bunch of junk nautical memorabilia that you would not believe: outboard motors, nets, buoys, life preservers, etc....oh, and a shark, too. Food is pretty good, although it's pricey like everything maritime-related.

(No consideration was accepted for this mention.)