Friday, June 1, 2012

Why "Three Blondes and a Boat"? by Lee

[Post by Lee]

Another new blog? We are launching our first group/family blog.... We -- Zaneta, Lee, and Leeson -- ARE three blondes in search of a boat to make our dreams of travel (maybe even...adventure?) a reality...


BTW: I thought that icebreaker launch video above was amazing! Such a violent yet controlled event! That's why good engineers and naval architects are modern miracle workers... 


We've thought of taking a sabbatical for a while; I give credit to my wife Zee for that idea. We've been both in the rat race for a while, and are becoming  more sensitive to our own mortality. In 2010, I had a kidney transplant on Father's Day (June 20), thanks to the gift of life from a friendly family at church. I'm doing great, in case you wondered.


We also know people who didn't live into their "golden years" and who didn't get a chance to go traveling. So we're taking a risk to do it now -- in an economic downturn, when jobs are scarce -- to see a bit of the world. The original idea was to buy a boat... You can live on a boat and travel on a boat, too, at the lowest cost to many (coastal) destinations. Our minds grew feverish with imaginings: England, France, Greece, the Caribbean... Why not? We thought of going by RV but we took a loooooong drive to the Midwest this summer, and driving is a chore. So maybe we'll go by boat after all. Maybe Zaneta can polish this post once I've published it.