Thursday, September 27, 2012

How Not to Captain a Boat (Thanks, YouTube)

(by Lee) 

You won't believe this video. Now you can watch two ships' captains crash their vessels together over and over in slow-motion. How I pray this never happens to me! 

What is... National Liquidators?

We were told about an auction house in Fort Lauderdale, where we are staying temporarily, called National Liquidators -- it's massive. They sell both boats, sail and power, and airplanes. We're going to go see it on Friday. We are still looking at boats and getting advice from a trusted advisor. It's a pain to live out of rented apartments, even when they're not expensive, and I promise that we're getting closer to making a bid...

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Still not our boat:

Why not? It's a little crowded -- terrible for storage of dry goods, food, etc. 


So, don't cry for us, but it is truly not easy finding a boat that fits. There are lots of boats, but many don't work out for various reasons -- real versus perceived problems, cost of repairs, performance, etc. We'll keep you informed. I'll ask Zaneta to author the next post, and invite Leeson to write as well.