Sunday, July 22, 2012

Moving Sale Down; Craigslist Vending and Charity Pickup(s) Next

Wow! Big moving sale behind us. Sore shoulders, backs, thighs, etc. But we did get rid of some things. We also have lots left over: Furniture, books, decorative items including a pre-wired/pre-lighted nylon and steel Christmas tree! Our son sold lemonade and brownies; way to go, son!


Even though it rained all day, we had people show up and HAGGLE with us. If an item was $3.00, they'd ask for $1.00. If something was $30.00, they'd ask for $15.00. If their items totaled $17.00, they'd ask for a discount to $15.00. Good practice for going to Central America -- if we choose to go there... 

More updates to come later! Closing is set for July 31st. Movers here on July 30th. Woo boy, are we excited? Yes, we are!


Bonus YouTube video: 3-D Mandelbrot Zoom 


[Post by Lee]