Friday, October 5, 2012

Great quote from our son:

"I don't like water -- it's evil."

He has also said that he hates swimming and water. He may not be the ideal candidate to go sailing for a year or more. But he's going anyway. He'll thank us later. 

APPROVED BY LEESON, a boy and his (Samsung) tablet.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

candy for sailors by Zee and Lee

Today we went to West Marine (a chain of giant marine equipment stores coast to coast) for the first time ever...
Heaven, I'm in Heaven, lifeboats, hats, forestays, 
anchors aweigh! 

BTW, this anchor is available in sizes 100 lb. to 10,000 lbs. Whew. (Husband only available in 172 lbs.) Don't forget your Zodiac "yacht dinghy" for $41,000!

This intelligent shopper is careful with her money: "No, this one's too expensive, dear!" (True caption: "What's this thingamajig for?")

tick, tick, tick

Time...keeps on ticking...
and we're still looking...

Once in a while, we have to take a break we are at Fort Lauderdale Beach Park...  Ninety degrees Farenheit and muggy.

Lee is checking Leeson's brain for ripeness (Nope, not ripe yet).

scary things by Zee

Who knew the boat search would take this long??? We found a couple boats we really liked but they were too expensive or had a "problem" which could have led to major problems. In one yard we saw a CSY walk thru -- a very strong and capable sailing vessel. The owner had customized the boat which is great but *this* was strange....using Italian halogen house-type lights on the ceiling, but the scariest thing was this black bumpy thing about the size of a lemon attached to the wall opposite the galley. It was black with another bit hanging below the main body the size of a grape. What was it?? 

Ugh! It was black mold.

Scary stuff, especially if it's not cleaned up ASAP. You would think if you're going to sell a yacht worth several hundred thousand dollars you might CLEAN it! My free tip to yacht brokers.